Supporting Future Leaders, One Student At A Time

Scholarship Opportunities

Our goal is to raise money to provide scholarships to promising students in Guinea and also work with universities around the world to secure either full or partial scholarships to our award recipients. Scholarships awards are contingent upon fund availability and or scholarship commitment from a university.

In addition, we will organize and engage in the logistical aspects of our award recipients traveling from Guinea to their respective institution including assisting them with travel documents cost, supporting traveling expenses, and providing our recipients with university "starter care packages". Recipients will receive academic and moral support through identified tutoring and mentoring programs at their respective institutions.

The Alliance will continue to support and track our recipient scholars through their university matriculation until graduation. During their academic tenure, scholars will be encouraged to volunteer in their respective institutions and or community to serve as tutors, peer mentors and other volunteer programs that they can qualify for. The Alliance will also work closely with our scholars, who have met academic excellence and choose to pursue their education at the graduate level.

School Materials

We know that learning tools support education by creating opportunities for students to visualize, conceptualize, create, test and replicate theories, formulas, notions and other formats of information presented to them by their teachers inside of the classroom. We welcome your donations in the form of financial contributions as well as your material donations of actual learning tools that can be used inside of the classroom at all grades levels to benefit Guinean children as they continue their pursuit of knowledge and quest to become educated world citizens.

Library Project

The Alliance believes that every city in Guinea should have at least one library, which is not the case in many Guinean cities. This initiative is to raise awareness of this crucial need in the quest for building better learning opportunities for Guinean students, who will have to compete with other students around the world in this ever changing global environment. We believe that existing libraries should be refurbished. We cannot stress enough having this vital resource in quest for knowledge. Libraries benefit nearly everyone. They enhance learning for students and encourage them to deeply engage in a particular subject matter through research. Libraries also serve as fact-finding sources for the community where citizens can use the library and their powerful research databases and other information resources to get information on variety of subjects from history to entrepreneurship and other subject in between.